要為OEM / ODM客戶創造利基電腦產品,並與客戶合作,以共同開發成功的產品在市場上。

現在 控制它是ODM / OEM KVM切換器設備的領先供應商。 ControlIT 再投資比例較高其年收入投入到研發新產品的設計,以保持遙遙領先的競爭,並在同一時間,以保證合理的價格

R&D Research Philosophy:
Bigcome have two major R&D groups. One is to develop BigViewer brand product series. The other is to accept new project from OEM/ODM customer and normally their ideas come from real market. Meanwhile, 
ControlIT R&D can organize all similar technologies to create new one. ControlIT business prefer to going new product with OEM/ODM customer. This new product not only must pass local lab alpha side test, but also must pass OEM/ODM customer lab beta side test seriously. This is the best guarantee for ControlIT supplier high reliability and compatibility products to his world wide customers.

- PS2 KVM切換器- USB KVM切換器- DVI KVM切換器-任何小鼠KVM切換器

,IP KVM切換器-迷你KVM切換器- DAUL KVM切換器- USB共享開關
-IPC(工業PC)KVM切換器- KVM ASIC芯片     
-USB到PS2轉換器- USB延長器       
,USB 1.1擴展塢- USB轉PS2的得心應手條碼掃描器轉換器 
,PS2延長VGA延長器,KVM CAT5延長器

Future Goal For Long Term:
Bigcome will keep establishing relationship with key IC component suppliers and key technology in order to speed up the time to market product for satisfying 
Control IT partners ever changing needs.

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